Swimming Pools

We provide custom swimming pool design, construct and provide service for swimming pool and spa. Our expertise covers the complete range of luxury swimming pool, spa, pool equipments and pool chemicals.

Our main aim is to provide the latest pool filtration equipment from all over the world, extremely reliable advice and accurate technical specifications with effective project management.

We have also been certified from the National Swimming Pool Foundation USA for Pool and Spa Operation.

  • Outdoor swimming pools
  • Indoor swimming pools
  • Commercial swimming pools
  • Ready made pools
  • Liner Pools
  • Endless lap pools

Steam & Sauna

Steam rooms and saunas are a great way to relax whilst taking advantage of a range of health benefits – stress relief, body detoxification, soothing aching muscles and painful joints. Just sitting in a sauna for thirty minutes can, apparently, burn as many calories as the same time spent rowing! Our bespoke saunas are imported while our glass-fronted Steam rooms, which are constructed and installed individually by H2o Pools, are available in a range of attractive finishes including Mosaic tiles.

A steam generator, typically no bigger than a briefcase, heats the water.

Steam, heated to 110 relaxing degrees, enters the shower enclosure through steam heads.

You sit in total comfort, taking in the steam for 10 to 20 soothing minutes, followed by a refreshing shower.

Now wrap yourself in the comfort of a fluffy towel heated by a towel warmer to complete the total spa experience.

Spa & services

Spa: At H2O Sysytems we help customers dream of owning a beautiful hot tub spa or a swim spa building. We undersrand the sensitivities and the care that goes into making a spa of class, Our goal is to install confidence in our customer as we work together..

Feasibility Studies: We audit your site and meet with you and other key stakeholders to determine the feasibility of adding a new pool, expanding or renovating your existing facility, or the possibility of an all new facility.

Renovation: A full scale design effort in which we work with you and your budget to enhance the existing facility. From schematic design to construction administration services we will be your eyes, ears and your architect to ensure that your pool(s) is designed and built as per your plan. Also to ensure all of your expectations are met and no corners are cut.

New Design: A full scale design effort in which we work with you and your budget to design and oversee the construction of your new pool.